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About us..

MDC Software Solutions combines over 25 years of experience in both engineering and software development. These years of experience are now being harnessed into top-notch products. In a little over 2 years, we have released LINKo7, REVMo8, PLANTo3 and IFCout. More great products will follow. 

Our team at MDC work hard to ensure that our products use the latest and greatest technology. We are specialized in Autodesk REVIT and Autodesk AutoCAD. We believe that adding more tools to these two products will help designers, engineers and architects to be even more productive and lower the cost of their projects.

      We think the unthinkable and make it happen

We invite you to try our products and see for yourself what a difference they will make in your work. 

      Thank you

      Khira Moujib

       President of MDC

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