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IFCout - Advanced Steel Help


After installing IFCout for Advanced Steel, the following ribbon appears in AutoCAD main ribbon:



Allows you to specify the current drawing file linear units. IFC exports in metric millimeters is the default. It is important to make sure that you specify the correct units of the drawing you want to export as well as the IFC file units. It is possible for example that your drawing units are in inches and you want to export the IFC file in millimeters. Check "Do not ask me again", if you want to set the units for future exports. You can always run this command again and reset the units.



Use this dialog to specify the following:

1- Show the color of objects in the IFC format conversion

2- Show Bolts as Solid or single lines.

3-The format of the IFC format



This is a visibility control tool. You can Isolate, show and hide entities in the current drawing file. After that you can use the IFCout export tool (see below) to only export all visible entities. Click <Isolate> to isolate entities specified. You can do the same for <Hide> and <Show>. <Show All> shows all entities in the current drawing. 



This dialog allows you to export current opened drawing to IFC format file. <Browse> navigates to where you want to specify the location and IFC file name. "Export Options", allows you to specify whether you want to export all entities in the drawing, select entity from the graphic screen or only visible entities. "IFC format", allows you to specify the version of IFC you want to export to. 

The current scale factor set by the units command is displayed in red.

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