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IFCout 2022-1018 Release Notes


AutoCAD crashes in large models have been fixed by moving the code to extract the model data from the .NET wrapper to AutoCAD native DBX code.


1- IFCout now supports plain AutoCAD and ADT.

2- Added units of the current drawing options.

3- IFCout now supports Blocks/Block References.

4- IFCout now supports exporting AutoCAD primitive entities in Plant3D as an option.

5- The generated IFC file can now be opened in Navisworks and Trimble Connect. in addition to Revit. Other applications may also be used to open it.

IFCout Licensing
  • If you purchased IFCout through our system then this release will work just fine.

  • If you have not yet purchased IFCout and we already have your information, your FREE trial is automatically extended for another 30 days.

  • If we do not have your information or downloaded IFCout from the Autodesk App Store and would like to try IFCout for 30 days free, please submit a request Click Here

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