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Quick LINKo7 Tutorial
LINKo7 Main Ribbon - AutoCAD
  1. Connect: Start the connection protocol process with REVIT. Once the connection is established, it is displayed in the text block next to it.

  2. Start-Stop: Once the live connection is established, you can stop and restart the live connection with one click.

  3. Grid-Property Line: Create a property line from an AutoCAD polyline.

  4. Grid-Column Grid: Creates column grids bounded by the property line.

  5. Level-Create: Create levels similar to levels in connected REVIT project. It requires live connection

  6. Level-View: Controls visibility of objects created by LINKo7.

  7. Level-Units: Specifies the linear units for the current drawing file.

  8. Family Spec-Family View: Loads the family view pallet.

  9. Family Spec-Send to REVIT: Sends all existing objects in the current drawing file to REVIT. It requires live connection.

  10. Family Spec-Export: Exports all or specific objects to REVIT in a LINKo7 format file.

  11. Custom Families-Create: Creates the basic information about a custom family.

  12. Custom Families-Part: Creates one part of a custom family assembly.

  13. Custom Families-Assemble: Assembles all parts into one custom family

For AutoCAD Plant 3D ONLY
  1. Auto Frame: Loads the Auto Frame pallet that allows you to automatically generate 3D Stick Frames using predefined levels and column grids .

  2. Manual Frame: Loads the Manual Frame pallet that allows you to manually generate 3D Stick Frames using predefined levels and column grids.

  3. Steel Modeling: Loads the Steel Modeling dialog box that allows you to generate steel members using existing 3D stick frame elements.

  4. B.O.M: Loads the bill of material dialog box where you can generate reports about steel and piping components either from the current drawing or from the entire project drawings.