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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our services


We will provide our services to you, which are subject to the conditions stated below:


   1- You accept all terms and conditions provided in this page.

   2- You Acknowledge that all materials exposed on this website and other MDC Software Solutions LLC owned             websites including but not limited to digital downloads, images, texts, graphics, technical description and               logos are the sole property of MDC Software Solutions LLC and subject to all US and international                             Intellectual  property laws.

   3- All information you provide MDC Software Solutions LLC and all its affiliates will be kept confidential and will         never be made available to any other third party.

   4- The Email you sign up with us is your only identification method and it is your responsibility to make sure it            is accurate. Once your account with us has been created, you will be assigned a unique customer number, it          is also your responsibility to keep your customer number in case we need to verify it. You are also                            responsible for the security of Your account and all activity associated with Your account and not share user          IDs or passwords (except with authorized account administrators). If You suspect unauthorized use of Your            account, please email us at:

    5- MDC Software Solutions LLC's only line of business is to provide the highest quality of computer software,              we are only responsible for the software you download from our company, therefore, you Acknowledge you          understand this fact.

    6- You agree that the software you download from our company including FREE Trials is connected to our                   servers for the following 2 precise purposes:

         a. Verifying your license status.

         b. Reporting back errors and performance issues of our software.

     7. MDC Software Solutions LLC reserves all rights to terminate accounts, edit or remove content and cancel               orders in our sole discretion.

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