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LINKo7 Brings AutoCAD into REVIT and Brings REVIT into AutoCAD

AutoCAD is fast and easy to use.

Use it to create real BIM in REVIT.

10 times faster and much more easier.

Make your life easier
A revolution in the making

LINKo7 opens up a door to a whole new era. There is no limit to what you can do. The power and simplicity of AutoCAD can now be combined with REVIT, the most powerfull BIM creator.

More tools to come

Following LINKo7, there will be more powerful tools ​and modules that will dramatically change how you do your work for the better.



Easy to learn and work with

This web site is dedicated to help you learn and get the most of LINKo7. Users of LINKo7 can use this web site to communicate, ask questions and propose any new features or enhancements to LINKo7. 


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