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Greatly simplifies working in REVIT


Powerful tools to improve productivity and speed up your design process.

Use REVMo8 to do much of your work in REVIT from drawing grid lines, 3D Stick Frame, 3D modeling, visibility control, material takedown and more. Every step is fully automated and hides the complexity of doing it manually.


Our Servuces
Building Boundary and Column Grids

Quick and easy way to generate column grids and dimensions. Grids are automatically shown in 3D view as well as plan views.

3D Stick Frame

Manual and Automatic generation of 3D stick frames. Stick Frames are used for 3D modeling as well as massive buildings visibility control.

Level Manager

Tools to manage all aspects of levels operations without dealing with the graphic screen.

Family View  Editor

User defined tree like element view that allows you to group and model all the elements you will be using during the project in one friendly user interface.

2D and 3D Modeling

Displays the family view elements defined in Family View Editor where you can place these elements in your model in both 2D and 3D view using the Stick Frame.

Single and Mass Element Editing

An intuitive user interface to filter existing elements based on many categories then allows you to modify most of their properties. This modification can be applied to single elements as well as many elements at a time.

Elements Grouping

You can group many elements with a unique name as a local group and use them across the project files. Elements are not grouped geometrically but rather share a common unique name.

Export Elements

Mark certain elements of your choosing as an Exportable Elements with a unique name. Other users and import these elements into their models as cross references.

Import Elements

Import Exportable elements defined in other project files into a project file model. You can use these elements as a reference for further building elements modeling.

Visibility Control

Isolate, hide and show elements based on their properties, grid location and level. This is great tool for massive models.

Element takedown

User friendly interface to group, filter and calculate cost of some or all of the materials used in the project. You can view and print in either a Cut-List or Totals mode.

Project Management

Powerful tools for project manager.Mass create project files with templates. Create users profiles with passwords. Assign certain project files to certain users. Calculate total time spent on the project and much more.

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